Energy Shot [12 Count]


  • 100MG CAFFEINE: Performance high fat low carb snacks built to kickstart your day! Powered by the superfood guarana plant, maca root, tons of macadamia nuts, and a touch of himalayan salt.
  • REAL FOOD, REAL FUEL: Eat pre or post workout, when hiking, or to stay awake and focused at work and when gaming. There's nothing artificial and it's filled with healthy brain supporting fats.
  • CONVENIENT: A delicious coffee replacement in your pocket. Exams, study or work binges, early mornings in the gym - just tear open the top and enjoy buttery macadamia nuts and high caffeine chocolate.
  • DIET FRIENDLY: Low Carb, Paleo, Gluten Free, Grain Free, Keto, Non-GMO, Dairy Free. A super tasty energy food built to help reduce hunger, help weight loss, and be easy on the stomach.
  • QUALITY FIRST: No matter how you use this product - please know satisfaction is guaranteed. Not happy? Contact us for a refund.